Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mini Review: Deja Vu Dead Sea Minerals Salt Scrub

Do you guys have this stuff in your local malls too?  With the really obnoxious sales people that attack you and try to buff your nails with their "magic" buffer that does everything but cure the common cold?

Side note:  I have psoriasis on my fingernails.  It is an immune system disorder.  There is no amount of buffing with your magic buffer that is going to make my nails pretty.  Yes, overly enthusiastic salespeople, I'm talking to you!

I was in Sephora the other day and Jeff got "attacked".  They convinced him to buy their Luxury Body Scrub.  I believe it cost $25.  It was very nice of him to think of me and buy it for me.

Pro:  It smells AMAZING!!  I love the scent of this stuff.  It also is very exfoliating and the oils make my skin feel very moisturized.

Con:  THE PRICE!  I read the list of ingredients.  As far as I can tell, aside from some ingredients used as a preservative, this product contains various oils (avocado, grapeseed...among others) and salt.

Final Word:  I could make this myself.  I don't want to pay twenty-five bucks for something I can (and have) whipped up in my kitchen.  There are plenty of recipes online for body scrubs that feature various oils and either sugar or salt.  I would suggest looking one up and making it yourself.  Oh and if you are not a fan of relentless the other way when you see their kiosk :)


Grace said...

I dont like pushy sales people, its my number one shopping turn off! im hopeless at making my own beauty products, it always ends up looking like a bomb exploded in my kitchen!
Grace xx

Stephtee said...

These sales people are awful! They really refuse to take no for an answer. This product is good and it does what it should but even if you didn't make it could find an indie product that is just as good...if not better...for much less money :)