Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Fragrance Face-Off

I love perfumes that smell like food.

I especially love perfumes that smell like desserts. (Spoken like a true fat chick!)

My favorite perfume for quite some time has been Epically Epic Soap Company's 'Yellow Cake' scent.  It's an uncomplicated smell and when I'm wearing it, I feel young, free, and content. 

It was a big hit with the dudes too.  Quite a few men that I know would stop to tell me how amazing I smelled.  Of course, this gave me a little ego boost.  So, along with young, free, and content....I also felt pretty.  Yellow Cake quickly became my signature everyday perfume.

I read an article a while back (I can not for the life of me remember where or when) that stated that there had been a study conducted on a group of men.  They were given various scents to smell and they had to rate the sexiness/arousal factor of the scents.  The winner...out of all the smells...was the scent of pumpkin pie. 

Pumpkin pie??  Really??  I was intrigued to say the least.  In my mind pumpkin pie did NOT equal sexy.  I felt compelled to put this 'research' to the test.

I had been meaning to place an order with One Hand Washes the Other for probably...well forever.  I popped over to Becca's website to see if she had anything that was pumpkin pie scented.  While there wasn't anything specifically scented like pie, I chose a bottle of Pumpkin Bread perfume oil.

From the OHWTO website:
One of my favorite things about fall is all the pumpkin-based baked goods I get to make. This smells like (almost) all of them, rolled up into one deliciously food-y fragrance! You'll smell Pumpkin, of course, along with Carrot, Clove, Nut, Rum, Bread, Butter and Malt notes; it's enough to make your mouth water!

Sounds amazing right?  It is every bit as amazing as it sounds. 

I'm terrible at describing perfumes.  But I know what I like and I know the feelings that certain scents can conjure up for me.  Pumpkin Bread is delicious smelling for sure.  But it has a deep, sexy quality to it.  I had serious doubts about pumpkin smells being sexy and arousing but I was wrong....oh so wrong.  While smelling like cake makes me feel young and carefree.....Pumpkin Bread makes me feel like the sexy, mature grown-up I'm still not quite convinced that I am.

I decided to conduct a completely bullshit and not one bit scientific experiment.  I wore Pumpkin Bread for several days.  I wanted to see if there was any truth to this idea that guys find pumpkin pie to be an alluring scent.  I wore it around the same gentlemen that had commented favorably on Yellow Cake. 

Gentleman #1 (my husband):  Upon my arrival in his presence stated:  "I smell the pumpkin.  It's amazing.  This is WAY better than the cake.  Keep wearing this"

Gentleman #2 (random co-worker):  Smelled my wrist and nodded ferociously.  Told me that although the cake smelled great,  Pumpkin Bread smelled so much better.

Gentleman #3 (co-worker/really good friend):  Told me that Pumpkin Bread didn't really smell like pumpkin anything to him.  It was just...okay....and he much preferred when I smelled like cake.

Gentleman #4 (wasn't asked for his opinion--just gave his uninvited 2 cents):  Stated that gentleman #2 didn't know what he was talking about and that he preferred when I wore 'the cake stuff'.

So there you have it.  My totally ridiculous scientific experiment discovered that different guys like different smells.  Imagine that!

What do I think?  I like them both.  I've been leaning towards the sexy delicious-ness of Pumpkin Bread lately but I can totally see myself bouncing back and forth between the two.

Plus, I ordered a few more scents from know....purely for scientific reasons.


Jenn said...

This is good to know!! I mean--I didn't realize that perfumes came in food scents. I do know--from years of sampling those testers in the mall (why pay when you can test??) that certain scents smell better some people and not so good on others--something to do with the individual body chemistry.

So now--I'd love to try out the food scented perfumes!! I think I need a link to that site :)

Cheers, Jenn

Kitty said...

I like smelling like food, too! haha. I get compliments on all food scents, from grape to cupcake to tea... food is just the best thing to smell like. So there.

Stephtee said...

One Hand Washes the Other has soooo much great smelling stuff!!! And it's hand there's the great aspect of supporting small independent business. go check it out!!

Stephtee said...

I couldn't agree with you more!! Food IS the best thing to smell like.

Joheroux said...

Well, I have learned something tonight, thank you! Now, if no one tells my husband (gentleman #1) there is pumpkin pie perfume, I'm all set. If someone snitches, I'll be whip creamed and devoured! Oh wait, let me rethink this!

Beth said...

That pumpkin one sounds fabulous! I might just have to treat myself to a bottle.

Oh, and I've seen those studies, too. Pumpkin pie and cinnamon rolls rated high on the "do me" list with guys. :O)

GenkiOriana said...

My friend gave me two philosophy shampoos for my birthday. One is pumpkin, one is vanilla. I like them both: pumpkin is a bit weird to smell, but it's fun. I love food scents as well: my favorite perfume smells like grapes to me. :)

Mary Brown said...

Word Nerd whored you out so I came to stalk you. I'm now following. Please follow me back!

Stephtee said...

Thank you for stalking/following...I'm heading over to check you out now! :)

Stephtee said...

Oh grapes!! That sounds nice :) Food smells are the best. I think I've smelled the vanilla shampoo from Philosophy but not the pumpkin. There is definitely nothing weird about OHWTOs pumpkin scented stuff :) I also have her Choco-pumpkin scent--it's scrumptious!

Stephtee said...

I was discussing this with a friend of mine and she had a good point. That is all goes back to "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach". Pumpkin pie smells like mom's home cooking. It's family, safety, and love.

Cinnamon rolls? Now I'll have to get a cinnamon roll perfume!

Stephtee said...

Maybe all of us women should have a pumpkin pie perfume in our arsenal ;)

Mike said...

What? They're all out of bacon perfume?

Stephtee said...

Bacon perfume exists! Not sure I want to smell like it...but it exists :)