Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back in the swing of things :)

This is my first attempt at makeup with any real effort since my eye infection.  It was inspired by the shirt I wanted to wear today:

It's just a cheap t-shirt from Wal-Mart but it's black, purple and hot pink.  Plus it has a bunch of sparkly glitter on it which makes it one of my favorites :)

I also purchased my first NYX jumbo pencils last weekend and I've been itching to try them out.  I think I got a really great deal on them.  I won 3 of them in an ebay auction for $4!!!!  Since they normally run about four dollars apiece, it's like I got two for free--and I loves me some free stuff!  The three I picked out were milk (of course), black bean, and horseradish.

Because I think I look terrible in pink (which is a shame because I adore hot pink looks) I made this look a simple purple and black.

I used the black bean jumbo pencil as a base, and black and dark purple from my 120 palette.  Although I decided not to post a full face shot, I was wearing Urban Decay XXX shine cooling lip gloss in Naked.  I'm really not a fan of lip gloss but out of all the glosses I've tried these are my favorite.  I know the tingling probably puts some people off but I really like it and they don't make my lips feel uncomfortable like most glosses do.  I love the color.  It's like my bare lips--just better! 

**Today's Tidbits**

My Mood:  Cheerful!  Didn't do much today, just ran to the hardware store for a special screwdriver.  But it was a beautiful day and I was blissfully lazy.  I got to spend quality time with  my loved ones and play with my makeup.  How could that not be a great day???

My Song:  I'm going to pick a whole album today.  I just picked up the new Eminem album, Recovery and I loved it.  I'm a big fan and it didn't disappoint. 

My Look:  I paired up the makeup and tee with my denim mini-skirt and a pair of flip flops.  My hair was thrown up in a messy bun.  A lazy look for a lazy day :)

My Dinner:  We had a 'Big Booty Salad' again.  It's such a favorite that my daughter asks for it every week when I'm making our menu/grocery list.  Diet Dr. Pepper to drink.


Robyn said...

Aw, its Pepe Le Pews girlfriend! Cute. I can't live without my Milk pencil now... I don't use Black Bean as much as its so much more messy but I literally use them every single day!

Just Kate said...

Milk? Black bean? I know absolutely nothing about make-up but I think your eyes look absolutely GORGEOUS!

Stephtee said...

@Robyn--I haven't gotten a chance to try out the Milk pencil yet. But everyone else seems to love it, hopefully I will too :) The Black Bean was a little messy but not as bad as I'd expected.

@Kate--I didn't know anything about makeup either until last became a hobby and new means of artistic expression. Some people paint canvas, I paint my face ;)