Friday, July 16, 2010

Lotsa Looks...and a mini-haul

It's been hot and sticky.  Plus, I've been pretty lazy busy this week.  But I thought I'd post a few of the LOTD's I've come up over the past week or so.  I was happier with some more than others but all in all I don't think any of them was a total fail.

Blue-ish look using Concrete Minerals' Temptress and Fyrinnae's Futuristic Glam Rock:

Then...for fun, I tried to recreate Petrilude's Blue Canary look which can be seen here.  I used Temptress again, plus NYX JEP in black bean and my 120 palette.  I only wish the picture actually showed the blue as it is in the pictures above...which is how it looked in real life.  But all in all, I wasn't displeased with how it came out:  

 Dark Purple-ish look using Concrete Minerals' Seance and Fyrinnae's Sequined Master:

(lips are Fyrinnae's Puppy Love)

Also I've been working some overtime at work with the sole intention of buying goodies for myself.  So last Friday, I placed a few orders.  After reading Grey's reviews on The Morbid the Merrier and Epically Epic Soap company, I definitely wanted to try some stuff out. 

I bought perfume samples from The Morbid the Merrier:  Absinthe, Dessert Absinthe, Athelia, Cleo, and Voix de Ville.  One of those was a free sample but I can't really remember which one :)

From Epically Epic Soap Co. I purchased lip balms in blueberry lemonade, fuji apple, and marshmallow(for my daughter Addy....I personally hate marshmallows).  Also Sugar Cube Body Scrub in yellow cake scent, a sampler pack of solid lotions (oatmeal milk and honey, margarita, coconut vanilla, grapefruit gardenia, and lilac), and a bar of their blue lilac soap.

I love when I can spend a little extra money on myself! Yay!

I'm still trying out all my stuff and formulating my opinions but I do plan on doing reviews to let you guys know what I think of everything.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Robyn said...

I love your petrilude look! I really want to get some Epically Epic Soap stuff so let us know how itis!

Stephtee said...

Thanks so much! I will definitely be letting you guys know what I think :)

KayKay said...

love your use of blues. i have a hard time working with it but u pulled it off! new follower by the way

Stephtee said...

Thanks for following me! :) I love blues! Everyone has that one color they can't get enough of...for me that's blue.

Phyrra said...

This is such a gorgeous look :)

Stephtee said...

Thanks so much Phyrra!