Monday, October 3, 2011

DIY: Sugar and Salt Scrubs

As you know, Jeff was a sweetheart and bought me a salt scrub.  In my mini-review of that scrub, I mentioned that I'd made my own scrubs for cheaper.  So I figured that I'd post my "recipe"--not that I think it qualifies as a recipe as it only has two ingredients.

What You Will Need
white or brown sugar (or a combination of both)
olive oil (nothing extra special, whatever is cheapest is fine)
a container (with a lid, if you're making some to save)
a spoon

Add desired amount of sugar to your bowl or container
Drizzle olive oil into the sugar (eyeball it--we don't need no stinkin' measurements!)
Stir the mixture with the spoon
Continue to add sugar and oil alternately and mix until it's reached your desired consistency (perhaps the consistency of a scrub you've used in the past)

That's it!

**I haven't ever made a batch larger than what I needed for one application.  I am really not certain how long this scrub will keep without going bad.  My suggestion would be:  If your scrub does not look or smell normal--discard immediately!**

**I have never actually made my own salt scrub.  Common sense tells me, it is the same principle as a sugar scrub--only with sea salt instead.  I'm including a link down below with an actual recipe**

I like to use brown sugar because I like to smell like baked goods.  Which you probably know if you've ever read this blog before (my love of Epically Epic's yellow cake scented products borders on obsession!)

This is just the bare bones basic recipe.  It utilizes items that just about everyone has in their kitchen cupboards right now.  You could also experiment with other oils or add scents as well.  The possibilities are almost endless.  This could also be a fun craft to do with kids--especially for gift giving around the holiday season. 

Addy and I sometimes do what we call "Addy/Mama Spa Day".  We'll make homemade facial masks and body scrubs...and sit around with tea bags or cucumbers on our eyes.  It's fun...not overly messy...and it's quality girl time which isn't always easy to have in a house we share with four "men". 

I hope that this was helpful to somebody.  If not, I found a couple of other places online that may have done a better job explaining it than I did.  Check out HERE and HERE for more sugar and salt scrub recipes.

Do you like food scents?  If so, what are your favorites?


Meredith Jessica said...

SO cool, I love posts like this and I love trying new DIY recipes for sharing. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nice! I used to do homemade girly-spa-days with my daughters, too. Loved those. :O)

Do you follow Crunchy Betty? I think you'd love her.

Anonymous said...

Crunchy Betty! :O)

Stephtee said...

@Meredith Jessica: Thanks! It just seems so silly to spend a ton of money on things you can make yourself

@Beth: Spa days are fun! Last summer she was 'making me' give her one make up lesson each day...she's turning into a diva ;) I haven't heard of her...but I'm about to check her out!

GenkiOriana said...

WOW. That sounds so easy! I'm going to have to try it! *bookmark*