Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Daily Challenge 13--Fiction

Books, books and more books! :)

I could probably write a million blog posts on my favorite books.

But in the spirit of keeping this as short and sweet as possible, I'll talk about what I've just read/currently reading.

I just finished 'Big Boned' by Meg Cabot.  When it comes to reading, I tend to prefer fun fiction that is easy for my mind to consume.  Brain Candy.  Fluff.  This series takes the ease of fluff fiction and combines it with my other love--mystery.  This is the third book in the series (The first two being 'Size 12 isn't fat' and 'Size 14 isn't fat either').  They feature Heather Wells, who is a former teen pop sensation whose record company drops her when she decided to write her own songs.  Then her teen heartthrob boyfriend cheats on her and her mom steals all of her money and runs off with her manager.  At rock bottom, she moves in with the ex-boyfriend's brother (who is a private eye) and begins working at a college dorm.  In very 'Murder She Wrote' type fashion, she seems to get mixed up in various murders and (of course) solves them before the police.  It's not going to change your life....but you'll have fun reading it for a few days.

I just started 'Julie and Julia'.  I haven't seen the movie yet, although I'd like to (but I have this silly habit of falling asleep before the opening credits!)  So far, I'm enjoying it.

Next up on my list (hopefully)  is 'Sizzling Sixteen' by Janet Evanovich.  The Stephanie Plum mystery series is one of my absolute favorites.  I look forward to every June when a new one comes out!

**Today's Tidbits**
My Mood:  I've got don'twannagotowork-itis.  I took a night off so I could attend my son's graduation this morning and returning to work tonight does NOT appeal to me AT ALL! :)
My MusicFrere Jacques.  The kids sang a graduation song set to the tune of Frere Jacques today.  It's been stuck in my head all day.
My Look:  I took photos today.  It was going to be a separate post--I was really pleased with how it came out.  But they've mysteriously disappeared off my phone, with all my son's graduation pics :( 
My Dinner:  A family classic in our house called Chicken and Peppers.  It was requested by Bear as his graduation dinner.  A little Hawaiian Punch to drink and chocolate cake (with frosting in his school colors) for dessert.


Robyn said...

I like Meg Cabot.... easy to read but still kinda cute and funny. Its what I like to call a 'bath book!'

Stephtee said...

A bath book. That's cute! If I've actually read something heavy and serious, I usually seek out something by her afterward :)