Friday, June 18, 2010

Daily Challenge 14/15--More Reading but not much more to say...

Days 14 and 15 of this daily challenge thing of which I'm totally cheating at I'm totally enjoying, are both about reading (again!). 

Fourteen is about non-fiction and Fifteen is fan-fiction.

This is going to be super short, which is cool by me because I have some makeup oriented posts I'd like to get up :)

I almost never read non-fiction.  Reading for me is about fantasy and escape.  Non-fiction, to me, equals learning which equals work...which equals no escape :)

But if I had to pick a non-fiction book it would be "The Joy of Cooking".  I like (not love) cooking but for some reason I love to read cookbooks.  I almost never make the recipes but I enjoy reading about the food and the process behind it.  I've read that book cover to cover several times and learned a lot about food in general.  If you want to learn to cook or like to cook--it's a good book to have in your arsenal.

Fan-fiction.  Yeah, ummm, no.  I know what it is.  I have a good friend that used to really be into reading it, so I won't bash it.  I'll just say it's not for me.  I can appreciate the hard work that fans put into these stories but I prefer my stories to come from the people who created the story in the first place.

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