Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Living Dead Grrrl: Halloween LOTD

I waffled between dressing for Halloween or not.  I had a work thing that took up most of my day yesterday and by the time that I got home I had decided not to dress up.

But once my kids got home, I got wrapped up in the spirit of the holiday and I wanted to participate. 

So I did!

Keep in mind 1) I have never made a serious attempt at a Halloween look before.  AND  2) I threw this on my face in about ten minutes...over my everyday face makeup.  Considering those two factors, I think I made a decent attempt.

I used Sugarpill Afterparty, Bulletproof, and Tako for the dead/bruise-y looking stuff.  A random red from the 120 palette for the tear streaks.  I used a dollar store liquid eyeliner for the stitches.  My lips are Shiro Leroy Jenkins with a frosty blue from my 120 palette patted over it.

My outfit (no pictures...sorry!) consisted of a black t-shirt, a purple and black plaid schoolgirl-style skirt, and black leggings. 

For being thrown together at the last minute, I got quite a few compliments!  And compliments always make me happy :)

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!  Did you dress up?  What kind of costume did you have?