Saturday, March 5, 2011

Solidly Sweet

Just thought I'd share two recent LOTDs.
First, I wanted to retry my Valentine's Day Look.  I knew I could do it better.  I think it still needs practice but it did come out better this time.

I used:
Sugarpill's Taco
Sugarpill's Poison Plum
Wet n' Wild Liquid EyelinerMilani Liquif-eye Eyeliner

 Next, I was inspired by Petrilude's Green Winged Neon Machine Tutorial .  I really liked how this came out and it's something that I will probably wear again.

I used:
NYX JEP in Horseradish
Concrete Minerals' JuvenileSugarpill's Afterparty
E.L.F. Liquid EyelinerMilani Liquif-eye eyeliner 

That's it for this time.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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