Sunday, March 20, 2011

'Lux of the Irish :)

I didn't actually wear either of these looks for St. Patrick's Day.  I forgot to take pictures that day (which I'm pretty disappointed about because I thought it came out really good!) But I used Sugarpill's Goldilux in both.  It totally lives up to all the hype it gets.  It is THE gold of ALL golds!  It's like real gold in eyeshadow form!  It's just plain awesome in a jar!

I recently got a new phone with a *supposedly* better camera.  While the pictures DO come out more clearly...I'm having an awful time learning to focus the darn thing!  But these were the best of all the pics I took :)

For the first look...I used a dark green shadow from Fyrinnae (Once upon a time, Mathias spilled orange soda on my vanity and the handwritten label smeared right off!  So I have no clue what this shadow is called!) on the lid and blended it out with Tako from Sugarpill.  I layered some Pixie Epoxy along my lashline and then used Goldilux as liner. In real life, this look had sooo much more sparkle!!

 Later in the week, I used Gasoline Rainbow from Sassy Minerals and Goldilux in the inner corners.  This is another instance in which my camera was just incapable of picking up just how pretty and sparkly this look really was.  This was also the first time I've ever put a color other than black in my waterline.  Using white there (I used my NYX JEP in milk with Tako lightly patted over it) wasn't as scary as I had anticipated! :)

I have a few reviews I want to share with you guys but it's getting late and I have to get ready for I guess that will have to wait until at least tomorrow.  Have a great night everyone!


Phyrra said...

The green look is awesome.

Stephtee said...

Thank you!!!