Monday, December 6, 2010

Where have I been hiding?

I just want to apologize for being away for so long!

I really appreciate those of you that take time out of your busy days to come hang out in my very tiny section of the blogosphere.

I haven't felt very well lately.  Various trips to the doctor have uncovered a few different health concerns.

My thyroid is severely out of whack.  Lots of symptoms arise from low thyroid but big ones for me have been being excessively sleepy and not really feeling like doing much of anything.  It can also mimic depression, so lately I've lost interest in doing things that I usually makeup and blogging.

I also have severe sleep apnea.  This is when you stop breathing while you sleep.  Decreased oxygen to the brain at these times makes for very poor sleep.  Which has made me excessively sleepy (on top of being excessively sleepy already lol) and not interested in doing much of anything :)  I had a sleep study and I stopped breathing 156 times!  Which averaged out to once every two minutes.  I'm sure other people have had it worse....but this is pretty bad.  I'm supposed to be getting a machine to help me breath at night, but my insurance company is denying the one that my doctor thinks I need.  You just gotta love the American health care system.

I also have had a few other things going on as well and I haven't really been up to doing much.  Going to work and school, plus homelife, pretty much has me wiped out.  I'm so grateful to my family for pitching in and helping me.  They've also been very understanding about how tired and listless I seem at times.

While I wait for my thyroid meds to kick in and make calls about my machine, I'd like to try to get back into a semi-regular blogging schedule again.  I have a few new products to try out and some pictures taking up space on my phone that I'd love to share.

That's it for today....I will try to have a "real" post soon.  Have a great day everyone!

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