Friday, December 10, 2010

Eyeliner Woes!

Make-up has been my passion/hobby for roughly two years now.  I'd always wanted to learn how to apply eyeshadow without looking like a toddler that had messed around at her mama's vanity.  I had no idea the amount of information that would be available to me. 

Like so many people like me, blogs and videos supply us with ideas, recommendations, and opinions.  And even though opinions may vary from person to person slightly, I think there are some products that are almost unanimously thought to be the best at what they're for.

Like Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner.

I don't have a lot of disposable income.  I have four kids and a job that doesn't pay all that great.  I have bills on top of bills.  So when I do have money to splurge on makeup, I tend to think very carefully on my decision.  I have a wish list, of course, but I try to get the most for my money.  I try to *invest* in products that I know will serve me well based on what I've read.

Spending $17 for an eyeliner is a big deal--at least for me.  But it was last year's tax refund and I was rich for a minute so I bought two--a zero and a flipside.

I've always heard how smooth and creamy they are.  How they don't budge one you've applied them.  They are the mostawesomethingeveromgyouhavetohavethiseyelineroryou'lldie.

I had a really difficult time getting it to glide across my eyelid.  I had to press down really hard to get even a small amount of waterline coverage.  I shouldn't have to scrape across my eyes to get decent coverage...right?

I'm not sure why I even did this:  but I went to the store searching for a new eyeliner and I bought the Covergirl liquiline blast (or whatever it's actually called...did I get it right?  I'm nowhere near my "toys" lol) which is supposedly a knock-off of the UD liners.  I don't know what I was thinking but maybe I was hoping they'd at least be a little softer.

Nope.  I still can't get it right.

My go-to low end eyeliner is Maybelline Define-a-Line.  Which is more of a crayon consistency than pencil.  It glides like a dream BUT it's crap in the waterline and rubs off really easily.

I'm still learning liquid and gel liners so I've been buying cheapest of the cheap--for practice.  Truthfully, although I like the liquid look...I just don't like it all the time. 

I NEED a good pencil eyeliner.  I need one that goes on soft like my beloved Define-a-line but can deliver everything (or mostly everything) I had hoped Urban Decay would. 

I'm calling out to you guys, my lovely followers, to give me suggestions.
  • What pencil eyeliners do you love?
  • Is UD 24/7 your holy grail eyeliner?  Why?
  • Did I get a faulty product?  Am I doing something wrong?
  • What are your favorite high end/low end eyeliners?
Thanks guys!

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