Monday, October 11, 2010

Quickly Catching Up

I have a couple of looks to post.  I was *mostly* happy with them :)

Neutral look done with my 120 palette(Don't mind me...I know I look like a dork!)

Sassy Minerals Tabloid Fodder (I memory is a little hazy lol) and Concrete Minerals Swamped.

This one was taken after being out in the rain.  It was so dark that I couldn't get the blue and purple to show up separately in the picture.  I used my 120 palette and Concrete Mineral's Juvenile.  It was inspired by Jazziebabycakes on Youtube and looked SOOOO much better in real life!

Last weekend, Alex and I attended the Applestock Music Festival.  I tried out my first Orange and Purple look.  I used Concrete Mineral's Napalm and the darkest purple from my 120 palette.

We went on day two which was a day of tribute bands.  Some were good, some were great and some totally sucked!  I highly recommend the Beatles tribute band 1964...they were AMAZING!!!  Oh yeah, here's Alex and I at the festival :)

This is just a pretty picture of Upstate NY fall foliage.  Fall is my favorite season.
I think this is the cutest idea for a business!  I don't know if it's a single "store" or if it's a franchise thing, but these double-decker buses are adorable!

That's it for this time!  Have a great week :)


Robyn said...

Love the blue/yellow look!

Stephtee said...

Thanks! I really liked it too, but the camera did NOT do it justice at all! :)