Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How I Organize My Goodies :)

My collection isn't nearly as large as some people's but I thought I'd show you guys where I do my make up and how I *try* to keep things organized.  I'm messy by nature and usually my area is a disaster, but these pictures were taken on a good day :)

Having a nice space for your makeup doesn't have to be expensive.  I re-purposed a glass computer desk as my vanity.  I have it placed right next to my bedroom window so I can use the natural light.  I do have a lighted mirror but I'm not a fan of the light it provides.  Most of my organizing bins were purchased at Family Dollar for a buck apiece.

I use the shelf meant for a computer monitor to hold my palettes.  I only have 3: a 120, an Urban Decay Sustainable Palette, and a homemade one with depotted HIP shadows in it (actually I gave that one to Addy)

I use this container for anything face/body/hair related:  lotions, creams, primers, foundations, perfumes etc.

Bear made me this container at school for Mother's Day.  I thought it'd be perfect for my brushes.  However, he doesn't like my reasoning.  He says he made it as a vase and ONLY FLOWERS should be in it :)  I think it's a wicked cute brush holder!

See?  Told ya they only cost a dollar! Lol, I forgot to take the price tag off of this one.  This one is for eyeliners, mascaras, jumbo pencils, lip glosses and my ever so slowly growing Fyrinnae Lip Lustre collection.
My Concrete Minerals, Fyrinnae and Sassy Minerals stuff goes in here.

View of the whole area.  I took these pics a while ago.  Since then, I've gotten a bigger lighted mirror.

Well, that's how I keep my make-up area.  (Except for when it's a mess)  Where do you guys do your makeup?  How do you keep it organized?

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Robyn said...

I just did a post on this - I repurposed an old computer desk too! it's the most organised I ever get, ha ha!