Sunday, September 26, 2010


I can't believe that it's been over two weeks since I last posted!!!

I'm soooo sorry!!!  It's been a crazy whirlwind of going to school, working, getting sick and celebrating birthdays.

Yep, that's is MY birthday....woo hoo! Cue the birthday music!

My daughter, Addy, also has a birthday coming up on Thursday and we celebrated her birthday today.  We celebrated my birthday earlier in the week.  I wasn't feeling well, so we had cake and presents to try and lift my spirits. 

My mom came down today and gave me a Walmart gift card.  Hmmmm....I sense some new makeup in my near future ;)

I've also been a bit uninspired lately. 

However....Jeff gave me a pretty cool gift.  He gave me one of his Bob Ross brushes.  It's a scriptliner brush and since I've been too poor lately to make any purchases, I thought it would make a good brush to practice my eyeliner with. 

Bob Ross Scriptliner Brush

I really suck at gel/liquid eyeliner.  Especially the whole winged out thing.  After a little practice, I made some of the best wings of my life!

Maybe not perfect but some of my best work, lol.  Pardon my naked face :)

The next day I made this look for running errands and going to class:
I used Concrete Minerals' Juvenile, and the brightest yellow and darkest teal from my 120 palette.  The eyeliner is Wet n' Wild gel liner.

I got a bunch of compliments on this one from my classmates.  It wasn't what I'd originally set out to do, but in the end...I really liked how it came out.

I finished my first semester yesterday.  Official grades aren't in yet, but I'm pretty confident that I got straight A's in all my classes!

Have a great week everybody :)

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casey887 said...

Ever neat! I love the Yellow and Teal.