Friday, September 10, 2010

Busy, Busy!

School has really got me hopping!  I finished my Biology paper and now I'm working on a research project that has five separate tasks involved.  I'm doing well, but it's definitely keeping me busy.  I'm sorry I haven't had much time to post anything.  But...with the kids back in school, I should have more time on my hands for both schoolwork and fun stuff like blogging :)

I do have two looks to share.  Neither is anything overly special, but i figured I'd post them anyway.  Also, I took a big leap and CHOPPED ALL MY HAIR OFF!!!!  I went from straight down past my shoulders to short, choppy and barely touching my chin!'s way shorter than that in the back.  So far, I'm loving my new 'do, it's so much easier to take care of.

The looks....
This one is a silvery smoky eye done with Sassy Minerals Merlin's Ball and my 120 palette (it was way more sparkly in real life.  Merlin's Ball is one of my favorite colors, especially over Pixie Epoxy)

This is my version of Jangsara's 'Fangbanger' tutorial.  I've done dark, goth-ish eyes before, but her way was sooo much easier than what I usually do.  I definitely think this one's a keeper!  I used NYX black bean JEP like she did but then I just used the black and white from my 120 palette.  My lips are Urban Decay's Guys Love Betsy lip gloss.

And....just to add some cuteness factor to my's my Mathias yesterday before his first day of Pre-K!

That's it for this time.  Have a great weekend everyone :)


Jackee said...

Love the new look!!

Stephtee said...

Thanks! :)

Phyrra said...

The sassy color is beautiful.

casey887 said...

Great look and I love the new hair. :)