Thursday, June 3, 2010

A couple of new looks :)

I've done a couple of looks over the past few days.  Nothing that I was particularly excited about but I figured I'd share anyway :)

First, I thought I'd try my hand at the Cherry Coke inspired makeup over at makeup geek.

I don't really like the way pink eyeshadow looks on me, but this wasn't too terrible.  I used my 120 palette (white, dark pink, dark purple).  The lips are Fyrinnae's lip lustre in Puppy Love.  I really LOVE this color and their lip products in general.  Isn't that an awesome pink???

For the next look, I wanted to start trying out my new samples that I'd purchased from Fyrinnae.  Today's choice was Futuristic GlamRock.  I suck at trying to describe colors (and their site is down, so I can't use their description *frowns*) but it's a bright sparkly teal-ish color that leans a little towards the blue side.  I know--that totally doesn't do it justice and probably isn't even correct but that's what my eyes see :)  I paired it up with a mixture of dark blue and dark teal from the 120 palette.  Oh! and that dark blue in the palette that's sort of speckled?  I used that as well to deepen the crease.  My lips are Fyrinnae's Visual Kei.  I seriously CAN NOT say enough good things about their lip lustres!!!  So much, In fact I might have  to devote to an entire post to them! ;)

(I have a little fallout on my's really noticeable if you click to enlarge the pics.  I promise that I fixed that before I left the house!)

*Today's Tidbits*
My Mood:  Really good mood today.  It was a beautiful day and it's my day off!
My Look:  Well you can see the makeup already :)  I wore my favorite short denim skirt and a comfy t-shirt that I've had for a million years.
My Song:  'CaliforniaGurls' by Katy Perry/Snoop Dogg.  Just heard this for the first time today.  What a fun, pointless summer song!! 
My dinner:  A couple slices of frozen pizza, iced coffee and a glass of water to drink. We went grocery shopping today and we were out for quite some time so I really didn't feel like cooking tonight :)


Eden Bue said...

I like the last look a lot! Shut up about Fyrinnae though - I literally JUST decided to finally make an order - AND THE SITE IS BROKEN. BROKEN. :(

Stephtee said...

That happened to me SO MANY times before I could make my first order!! :) I love that there is free shipping on orders over twenty bucks--a little it of money goes a long way on their site :)