Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Random thoughts on a Wednesday

Usher--he isn’t my favorite singer but I do like him. I always forget how much. Every now and then my ipod will hit upon one of his songs and there I am mentally smacking my forehead like “oh yeah! I forgot…I LOVE this song!!” That being said…..what the hell is up with his new single ‘OMG’. I don’t hate it. When it comes on the radio, I find myself singing along. But I’m not sure. I’m really disappointed that he felt the need to robot-ize his voice via auto tune. Why would someone who sings as lovely as Mr. Raymond feel the need to do that??? Because everyone and their grandma has a catchy robot-y song? I think the song would have been just fine (and perhaps slightly less annoying--at least to me) without it. Oh, and who wrote this song? There have been far better lyrics than “honey gots a booty like pow pow pow, honey got some boobies like wow wow wow” Really? That’s the best you can do? Somehow, I expected better from the man who urged us to take things "Nice and Slow" and wanted to "Make Love in this club" :P

My toddler (or as he says ‘tobbler’), Mathias, was utterly adorable today. He barged in on me in the bathroom. Wait--that’s not the adorable part. That’s the annoying habit I’ve yet to break in him. But anyway…back to adorable--he spots a few pennies on the bathroom floor and squeals “ooooooh money!!” then as he squats down on the floor to get his treasure he says to the pennies “that’s right….come to papa!” Man….I love that kid.

Tomorrow is my sweetie’s birthday. My diet will be off that day, but I’ve been very well behaved and besides birthdays are supposed to be cake filled and fun. He’s requested for his birthday dinner: fried buffalo chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and yellow cake with chocolate frosting. This week is also special because it marks one year since we saw each other in person for the first time. Happy birthday and sort-a anniversary Alex, I love you a bunch!

**Today’s Tidbits**
My mood: Despite being in the emergency room with my ex until 4:30am, I’m surprisingly cheerful and not overly tired.

My song: ‘Respect’ by Erasure. Another one of those songs that I forget how much I love. I sang it today while playing Lips with Alex and I totally kicked his butt!!

My look: (again before work last night, and a good thing too since I spent most of my night at the hospital) Just a basic no-makeup look--Sassy Minerals foundation and finishing powder, colossal mascara, and a little color on my brows from my 120 palette.

My dinner: Two slices of frozen pizza and a big serving of tossed salad with just a little light ranch dressing drizzled over it. Glass of unsweetened iced tea with lemon to drink.

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