Saturday, January 28, 2012

Review: Detrivore Cosmetics

I've had these shadows for a little while.  Things got pretty hectic with school....add that to my super-procrastinator spirit and it made for not-so-successful blogging.

I bought these during a 10 eye shadows for $20 sale.  What makeup addict can resist a sale like that?  Not me, that's for sure!  I also grabbed their eye shadow primer. 

Everything arrived pretty quickly and was packaged very neatly.  A few samples were included.  I haven't opened them as I was planning to use them in a small giveaway that I'm planning.


This primer cost five dollars.  It comes in three colors:  black, white, and original.  I bought the original.  It isn't soft or creamy like other primers.  It's sort of waxy and you need to warm it up in your fingers before applying to your eye.  I'll admit that I'm completely a wee bit lazy and it's a small (very, very small) inconvenience.  But considering what other primers cost, it's absolutely worth it.  This primer works great and it's easy on your wallet!

Now on to the.....EYESHADOW!!!

(First Row: Broken Glass, Decomposition, Ghoul, Vacancy.  Second Row: Abnormal, Brine, Sacred, Paradoxia.  Third Row:  Below and Plague.  These swatches are over NYX JEP in Milk)

My plan was to buy some colors that were way out of my comfort zone.  I succeeded with a few of them, but I did get sucked in by some blues, teals, and purples.  At first, I was disappointed with my order...not because of the products themselves, but because I felt that I just made bad choices.  But color choice is my fault....I'm the one who wanted to go outside my comfort zone.  After working with them a bit, I quite enjoyed the colors that aren't my 'usual shades'.  The only thing that I wouldn't do again is order both Decomposition and Paradoxia.  In my opinion, if you own really don't need the other as they are quite similar.

The product is fantastic.  The colors are bold and have fantastic staying power.  I am extremely happy with my purchase overall and I would happily order again.  In fact, they are running a 10 for 20 sale right now...I just might hop over there next!

They also sell powders, blushes, and perfumes--none of which I've had the opportunity to try...yet.

I definitely think you should check Detrivore out!

Have you tried out Detrivore Cosmetics?  What did you think?  What are some of your favorite shades?

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femputer said...

detrivore have some great colors. let us know how that primer works out for you! :)