Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quick EOTD: Emma Watson inspired

It's been really hot and we're expecting a massive heat wave this week with temperatures in the high 90's.  According to the weatherman, it will feel like it is over 100 degrees and it will be oppressively humid as well.  NOT good makeup weather!  I've only worn makeup once this past week and that was to school on Friday night.  This is the look....inspired by Emma Watson's movie premier makeup--minus the gold leaf part. 

I used Sassy Minerals Gasoline Rainbow and Sugarpill's Goldilux.  No full face photos as I am growing out my eyebrows so they can be reshaped and I'm looking rather wretched at the moment :)

Have a great day everybody...thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

It's been too hot for make-up here, too, and I ALWAYS wear make-up, so this nothing-but-sunscreen thing is new for me.

Cool eyeshadow. And as far as eyebrows, I've never had hardy any...and I envy girls with thick, shape-able brows.

Robyn said...

This is gorgeous on you! Super awesome! I loved that makeup on her, I wish she'd gone all out for the UK premiere though :(

Meredith Jessica said...

This is super gorgeous! I love the gold and navy and I'm loving Emma's new look!

Jackee said...

I hear ya about the heat!!! I haven't worn much lately either!! UGH! I love the Emma Watson recreation! It's super pretty!

Stephtee said...

@Beth There are some days that I go without makeup...I never quite feel like myself unless I have at least the absolute essentials on--But it's too hot for even that!

No need to feel jealous of MY eyebrows! I don't just have full brows...I way too much in the brow department. This growing-out phase is making me look like I have a caterpillar over my eyes 0_0

Stephtee said...

@Robyn Thank You!! She should have went all out for both.

@Meredith Jessica Emma is looking really pretty...the super short hair really suits her :)

@Jackee This heat is nuts...it's so hard to stay pretty...at least it is for me anyway :)