Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hauling Queen (and a simple LOTD)

I did a little shopping recently.  We'll call it retail therapy...since I've been dealing with some stuff in my life and needed a boost.  I probably shouldn't have spent the money...and my one credit card is probably huddled over in the corner crying...but this is the absolute last stuff I'm buying for a really long time (barring necessities).  Despite my bad judgement...I love what I bought and I'm really happy with most of my purchases :)


**Awesome, super-cool Hello Kitty tote bag from Loungefly
Lip Flash in:  Hot Flash, Lip Flash, Flashy, and In a Flash (I also pictured Starflash...but I already owned that one...I'm a goof!)
**Milani Lip glosses in:  Starshine and Stylish
**Milani Baked Powder Blush in:  Luminoso
**Urban Decay Ink for Eyes in:  Pyrotechnics
**Urban Decay  Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss in: Julio
**Urban Decay Eyeshadow Transformation Potion
Lip Stuffs Swatches:

 (Top Row:  In a Flash, Lip Flash, Hot Flash, Flashy, Starflash.  Bottom Row:  Starshine, Stylish, Julio)

I also placed an order from Epically Epic Soap Company.  But that's soap.  Soap is a necessity.  And I NEEDED pretty smelling soap!!

I bought....

All right....I also bought Yellow Cake scented Roll-on perfume and Mimosa flavored lip balm.  But I still insist that THIS was a necessity order! :-P
I've been fairly uninspired lately with my makeup.  I've been sticking to looks that are comfortable and familiar...looks I've posted that's why I haven't really posted anything new in a while.  I was dying to play with the Urban Decay Transformation Potion though (purchased for $5 on HauteLook) so I did this neutral eye with bright eyeliner look.

 (I swear this looked waayyy better in real life!!)

So...have you guys made any fun purchases lately?  I'd love links to your haul posts!! :)


Meredith Jessica said...

I have a 50 dollar Sephora gift card that I got for my birthday and have to use. I looked at a lot of these products in store so you'll have to let us know which ones were well worth your hard earned money.

Stephtee said...

So favorite of all my purchases has been the Urban Decay Transformation Potion. And, of course...anything yellow cake scented from Epically Epic...that's my holy grail smell :)

Grace said...

I recently did a HUGE haul! your eyeliner looks great btw!
Grace xx