Friday, February 25, 2011

My Old Blue Jeans (and other WnW looks)

My mom wasn't much into makeup, but she always had plenty of perfumes on her dresser for little-girl me to play with.  When I saw the Wet n' Wild  I Got Good Jeans palette, I immediately thought of my favorite of all my mom's smelly stuff:

 (Image from I'm quite sure my mom does not own this anymore since it's been discontinued)

I don't remember what it smelled like but I do remember sneaking into her room and spritzing myself before school on many an occasion.  I suppose it's hard to forget a bright blue and yellow bottle like that :)  It got me wondering if perhaps the perfume was an inspiration of sorts for the palette...much like I'm Feeling Retro seems to be an homage to 80's colors and style. 

Whether it is or not...doing an LOTD with I Got Good Jeans brought back a nice memory and some warm fuzzy feelings of nostalgia :)
 I've been working with my Wet n Wild stuff a lot.  One: because they are really nicely pigmented and you can achieve great results for really cheap and Two: because I'm lazy and don't have to think up color combos on my own.

Even though I love color...I think Silent Treatment is one of my favorites.  There aren't enough neutral colors in my routine and this makes for a very nice and quick look...especially on days where I don't have much time, like on school days.

 I'm Getting Sunburned probably won't get as much love from me.  It's pretty but I don't think I'd use the shimmery pink highlight again.  You can't really see it in the pictures, but I felt it was much more visible in real life and I'd rather have a highlight that's more natural and blends in--just my personal preference :) 

Also...I did this look the very next day after using I Got Good Jeans and Jeff (who usually offers the best constructive criticism on my makeup) couldn't tell the difference from the day before.  I can see the probably can too but if the rest of the world can't tell it's different....I really don't need two palettes that achieve essentially "the same" result.

I really want Blue Had Me at Hello and Comfort Zone....but I'm having a lot of trouble finding them in my area. The only place that sells Wet n Wild at all here is Rite Aid and so far they only have the trios and a few nail polishes...nothing else.

If you've tried the new WnW stuff...which ones are your favorites?

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