Thursday, February 10, 2011

The most beautiful word in the world is....

Oh all right....maybe there are more beautiful words....but I was pretty psyched when I found out that I had won Concrete Minerals' 500 fan Facebook contest.  
I've been on a very low-buy lately (which, for me, means that I don't make purchases from my favorite places...because I know I'd spend way too I feed my addiction by occasionally heading to the drug store for an item or two).  I have this huge list of things I want (don't we all!) but none of it is happening anytime soon and I was thrilled to know that I'd be getting new makeup!!!

I won four eyeshadows (of my choice) and a tin of their electric eye primer.  I had just run out of primer I was extra excited since UDPP is not in my budget right now :)

 Everything came wrapped in bright pink tissue and included an information card and a note from the owner.
 The four shadows and the primer
 This is what the primer looks like before use.  Unfortunately Mathias got into my makeup and mushed it up with the handle of a shader brush...Now, it looks like cottage cheese :(

The four shades I picked out were Unity (a medium purple), Zealot  (I bright teal-y shade...I am unable to resist that color!), Ruse (it's orange but more subdued than...say...Napalm...but like teals and blues...oranges are like crack to me!). and White Rabbit (Addy picked this one out because I couldn't's a shimmery white)

No matter how hard I try, I suck at swatches.  So, I sprinkled a little bit in the caps to show you guys what they look like.  Not as good as a swatch, I know, but I think it'll do the trick :)

Of course, I had to play with my new toys immediately (I am such a child!).  I've done two looks so far but that will be a different post.  I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Concrete Minerals for having the contest and sending everything to me so quickly.  A package in the mail ALWAYS brings a smile to my face!

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