Sunday, January 9, 2011

Concrete Minerals Giveaway

Concrete Minerals is having their 500 Fan Contest!  They are giving away four full size mineral eyeshadows (of the winner's choice) AND their electric eye primer.  I've never used their primer, but I've read some really good review of it lately and if I wasn't so financially challenged, I would definitely pick it up and give it a shot :)  I have, however, used their eyeshadows.  I have a bunch of them--thanks to a really great sale they had a while ago on their Etsy Page.  I didn't like every color that I bought, but that was personal preference.....every color you see online and think is super-cool doesn't always translate well into your own daily make-up life.  The colors that I did like (really, I LOVE them!!!), I use quite often. 

They are very pigmented, they last a long time and they don't crush my wallet.

Three very important things, right?

They even featured my NYE look on their facebook cool is THAT??!!  Maybe not a big deal to some, but it made me feel good! (Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!)

My favorite Concrete Minerals eyeshadows are:  Napalm, Bang-Up Blue, Juvenile, Swamped, and Temptress.  But I do intend to buy more in the future and I'm sure I'll be adding more favorite colors to that list :)

To enter the giveaway:  click here

And just for the hell of it....some of the looks that I've done over the course of my little blog using Concrete Minerals

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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