Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Review: Palladio Natural Rice Powder

I hate paying shipping fees.

I know that's an odd way to start this review but I'll explain :)

When it comes to a finishing powder, my absolute favorite is Fyrinnae's Fluff.  LOVE IT. 

But....I'm really poor right now and I HATE to pay shipping (even when it's ridiculously cheap). I want to buy product with my money...with every single penny gosh darnit!!!!!

I'm not complaining about Fyrinnae raising their free shipping limit.  Not at all.  I totally understand why they did it and I would gladly spend forty bucks...get my beloved fluff...and a bunch of other stuff too.  IF I had forty dollars to spend *sigh*  (honestly...I always use the free shipping as an excuse to buy more stuff...don't you???)

So...I was out of finishing powder and I didn't have an extra forty bucks.  What I did have was a $25 gift card for Sally's.

Free stuff ALWAYS wins.  So it was off to Sally's!

I decided to try Palladio Rice Powder in Translucent.
The Sally's website says the following: 

The Original Rice Powder ancient Chinese secret formula. Discovered by a renowned professional makeup artist it has been and still is the oldest of all the make artist trade secrets. It is used primarily as an oil-absorbing highlighter and makeup setter. 

By absorbing excess oil, it also maintains proper pH level to the skins mantle. Triple milled for a fine silky texture.

Some pics:

First off, as I'm sure you've already figured out for yourself...throw away that puff!  It isn't helpful at all!  I will admit that I did use it a few times but only because Addy decided to use my brushes without my permission (bad Addy!) and got colors all up in my fluffy face brush and I was too lazy to wash my brushes at the time. 

When using my face brush, the powder covered evenly and gave my face a nice finished appearance.  It feels soft and silky going onto my face, so I guess all that stuff about triple milling might actually be true :)

I can't really make any claims regarding oil control.  My face is rarely oily--even in the T-zone.  I have really, really super dry skin--even more so in the winter.  But this product didn't make my skin feel any drier ..which, for me, is a good thing. 

I'm not a fan of the packaging or the smell.  I feel like it's slightly difficult to get enough product without making a mess (or maybe that's just because I'm a klutz...).  The fragrance is what kills me.  I hate it.  It has a perfume-y odor that makes me reminisce about rummaging through my grandmother's cosmetics.  It does go away pretty quickly and it's not so terrible that I can't bear to use it.  But I grimace every time I open the box.

The price was $4.99 for 0.6oz and it also comes in Natural and Warm Beige shades. 

If you can get past the smell, this isn't really a bad product.  And you won't break the bank trying it out.

It's not my Fluff, but it does the job decent enough and is a reasonable alternative for when I'm lacking funds.

I paid for this product myself.  All opinions are strictly my own and I was not compensated in any way for this review.


Robyn said...

I totally agree with you, when your funds are lower than you would like you gotta go for the cheapest option especially if its crappy overseas shipping :S I've always wondered about rice powder, I figure if its good enough for everyone grandma for about fifty years then its got to be worth a try! Although saying that I hated that corn silk powder - that was like Great-Grandma squared. Yeuch.

Stephtee said...

I'm always reading about the crappy overseas shipping rates that you guys have to pay...ugh, that has to be the worst!

The rice powder definitely smells like grandma...fortunately the smell disappears pretty quickly. I don't know if I could handle great-grandma squared though XD