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Review: Epically Epic Soap Co.

After reading Grey's review on Epically Epic Soap Co.  I immediately went to the Etsy shop and started window shopping.  Then I immediately starting pouting because I was beyond broke and I wanted to try sooo many of the items that are for sale in this shop.

So I set out to work some overtime, so I could bring some of this delightful stuff home to me where it rightfully belongs!

Since I couldn't buy out the entire site--no matter how much I wanted to.  This is what I picked up:

  • Sampler Set of 5 Mini Solid Lotions (Lilac, Grapefruit Gardenia, Oatmeal Milk and Honey, Margarita, and Coconut Vanilla)
  • 3 Lips Balms (Fuji Apple, Blueberry Lemonade, and Marshmallow--that one was for my daughter, Addy who is a junior beauty junkie.  I hate marshmallows, it wouldn't be a scent/flavor I picked on my own.)
  • Yellow Cake Sugar Cube Body Scrub
  • Blue Lilac Handmade Shea Butter Soap
Allison (the owner) has a wide variety of handmade soaps, lotions, lip balms etc. for sale on her Etsy site.  Some of them are vegan, others are not.  I'm not vegan, so that's not necessarily something I look for.  However, I'm increasingly becoming more aware of handmade products and really love the idea of using them.  Epically Epic Soap Co. was a fantastic first foray into this arena for me--I wasn't disappointed in the least!

(some of my items, Addy ran off with the ones I bought for her!)

The site is very well laid out.  The pictures and descriptions are clear.  It was very easy to order.  I'd even forgotten to put my choices for lotion scents in the comment section, so I sent her an email apologizing and letting her know what I'd like and I got exactly what I asked for with no confusion.  I thought the shipping prices were reasonable.  I bought a bunch of stuff and shipping was roughly about six dollars for the lot of it.  I've paid more than that for shipping on one item!  Delivery was super-fast!  I ordered it on a Friday evening and I had my package by Monday or Tuesday (I forget, but it was fast nonetheless!)  Everything was wrapped individually in pretty tissue paper and the package included a handwritten thank you and a business card.  Also included was a free gift in the form of another lip balm (mint espresso chip).  Each item is clearly labeled with the name of the product, the scent/flavor, and the list of ingredients. 

My Thoughts on the Goodies!Can I just say I LOVE them?  I mean really love them.  Like 'til death do us part kind of love. 

The Soap:  My absolute favorite flower is Lilac, so when I saw this soap-- I had to have it.  I know my picture isn't the greatest, but this soap is really too pretty to use.  It's absolutely flippin' gorgeous!!!  And the smell?  We have a row of lilac bushes outside our apartment building.  Even though autumn is my favorite season, I always look forward to spring because I can smell those lovely flowers every day.  This soap is just like having those bushes in bloom--no matter the season--it is that realistic!  Even though I haven't actually used a bar soap in years, I'll totally convert back if I can smell like this!

The Sugar Scrub:  From the second I opened the container, I was in love.  The yellow cake scent is literally good enough to eat.  I seriously had to strongly explain to my toddler that this was 'soap' (for lack of a better explanation) and not a tasty treat.  The men of the house, adults and boys alike, thought it was too strong and all cringed upon first smell.  But Addy and I couldn't wait to take showers and give this stuff a try.  I really suck at taking care of my skin.  My skin is pretty dry and I have some kp on the underside of my forearms.  I've been using the scrub for about two weeks now and I can see a definite difference.  The bumps from the kp seem to be smoother and my skin in general feels much better.  Plus, when that delicious cake smell hits the shower and I'm smearing it all over my body--I just feel luxurious!

The Lotions:  Did I mention that I suck at taking care of my skin?  All my life, I've hated two things:  stuff on my lips and lotions/creams on my body.  Until recently, my idea of taking care of my skin was smearing baby oil gel on my arms and legs after shaving (and that's if I remembered).  But I'm getting older and I figure, better late than never right?  I wasn't sure what scent I'd like, which is why I bought the sampler pack.  Each sample comes in a small tin and they are adorable.  According to the site, using a solid lotion can be a little unsettling at first--it may feel a little heavy and thick but that it will absorb.  And it does.  In fact, it feels much like smearing baby oil gel on my arms and legs.  It goes on thick but absorbs and leaves me feeling remarkably silky smooth.  Of all the scents, I like the Oatmeal, Milk and Honey the best.  It has a light, sweet fragrance and it really lasts!  I put some on after my shower, went to work (I work overnight) and by the next morning I could still smell it as if I'd just applied it.  The Margarita and Coconut-Vanilla scents are nice, but they don't have the fragrance staying power that I just mentioned--at least not on me.  I didn't really enjoy the lilac scent (nowhere near as nice as the soap!) or the Grapefruit-Gardenia (I love grapefruit scents, but I guess not ones that are mixed with flowers.  If this was straight grapefruit, I think I'd love it.) I gave those two to Addy.  Her thoughts:  "the Grapefruit was nice but didn't really smell like grapefruit.  But the lilac didn't really smell like lilac either, but I liked it better than the grapefruit."

The Lip Balms:  I've been trying to push myself to use a lip balm, and it hasn't been easy--but I really like these.  The formula has a nice slip to it, so when you rub your lips together they don't feel gloppy or sticky (yeah you can really tell I'm no lip product expert right?).  They aren't overly flavored, which I like because I hate "eating" my lip stuff.  All the balms I purchased have nice, light, delicate scents/flavors.  My favorite is the Fuji Apple, although the Blueberry Lemonade is very nice too.  I keep the apple in my purse and the blueberry at my vanity and I've been alternating them.  I didn't try the Marshmallow but it smells sweet and sugary.  Addy says she likes it a lot.  But the one she says she really likes is the Espresso Mint Chip--the free gift.  I also don't like mint--but it did smell good, like mint chocolate chip ice cream.  I gave it to Addy's bff Michelle--a decision that I think Addy wishes I'd reconsidered.

Final Thoughts
I will definitely be making more purchases from Epically Epic Soap Co.  Every product I purchased exceeded my expectations.  I think the items I ordered maybe become holy grail products for me--especially the sugar scrub and lotions.  As soon as I have more expendable income, I will most definitely be purchasing a full size lotion in Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey.  I look forward to trying out different scents and flavors.  I can not say enough great things about this company.  You should definitely check it out:  Epically Epic Soap Co.

With the exception of the free gift, I made all these purchases on my own with my own money.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.  I am not affiliated with this company in any way.


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