Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Daily Challenge 06--Whatever tickles my fancy

I finally got up off my butt and called about going back to school.

I made an appointment and went there today for an informational meeting.

I'm really excited.  I can go all day, just one day a week--and occasionally one extra evening.  This fits in so well with my work and family schedules.  I can't wait!

It's not official yet.  I have to take an entrance test and they need to see what my tenth grade math and science scores were.  They need to be a C or better.  They weren't my best subjects, but I believe I was at least a C student.  But then again.....that was almost twenty years ago--who can remember that long ago!  I go there on Tuesday to take the entrance exam and by then they should have my high school transcripts.

I'm reasonably confident that I'll be starting in July *crosses fingers* :)

I didn't get any many decent pictures of my make up today, but I figured...what the heck I'll share anyway.  I thought maybe neutral would be the way to go since I was essentially going to a school interview.  I wouldn't want to scare them away with all my lime green, bright blue and such.

(I usually take my pictures in natural light, which there was almost none of today as it was a gloomy rainy day.  This looked so much better in real life-- Sorry for the suckish shots!)

On the eyes, I used Urban Decay's Half Baked (lid) and Twice Baked (crease) and just a touch of Oil Slick(crease) I put Urban Decay's Flipside on the lower lashline because I needed a little pop of color. My lips are Fyrinnae's Deceptive Innocence.

*Today's Tidbits*
My Mood:  TIRED.  I'm not really sure why, but I'm extra sleepy feeling today.  Must be the gloomy weather.
My Look:  Paired up my mostly neutral makeup with a long sleeved, scoop neck, black top and denim capris pants with blue plaid cuffs--and I wore my silver glitter Chucks on my feet.
My Song:  For the first time, I don't have one.  Nothing really spoke to me today.  Weird.
My Dinner:  We had what my kids affectionately refer to as a 'Big Booty Salad' (because they can't say the A-word LOL)  It's basically a huge salad with lots of good/good for you stuff in it that's topped with grilled chicken.  I had a glass of water to drink and a huge cup of french vanilla coffee a wee bit later.

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