Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hello Everyone!

I’m just another person who wanted to start a blog. I blogged for a couple of years on another site and I really enjoyed it.

I had followers and comments (not a ton…but enough to make me happy)

But my life started to get a little crazy. And the blogging forum I was using got a little boring.

So…..I just quit.

And lately I’ve missed it. Blogging has been such a great creative outlet for me in the past and I’m excited to jump back into it and start a new journey.

Maybe you’ll come along with me?

Since this is an introductory post, I figured a little overview of who I am would be nice…..

Stephtee (in a nutshell)

I’m a 34 year old mom of 4 crazy insane/crazy awesome children.

I have 3 tattoos and 3 piercings (and want more).

I love to read.

I love most kinds of music (not a big fan of country)–especially hip/hop and R&B.

One of my biggest hobbies is make-up. (While I don’t want this to be strictly a beauty blog, I want there to be some ‘beauty blog’ aspects to it.)

My absolute favorite food is tacos. There is nothing tastier than a taco.

I’ve been happily married (in my mind) to Justin Timberlake for about 7 years now.

I’m most definitely dorky but I’m old enough and wise enough to appreciate myself for who I am and not try to be anyone different.

I think that’s a good start :)

*Today’s Tidbits*

My mood: Hot, sticky, and just a little grumpy because of it.

My look: Plain faced. No make-up, no hairstyling. I look like ass :)

My song: Winner (Jamie Foxx/Justin Timberlake aka “my husband”)–a good booty shaking song to brighten my day.

My dinner: Boneless spare ribs, herb seasoned, oven roasted potatoes, and broccoli.

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