Saturday, May 15, 2010

Adventures in eyeliner (and all-you-can-eat buffets)

On Thursday, I set out to do the makeup look I neglected for the previous two days due to being sick.  I thought it came out well except for the liner.  Ordinarily I stick to pencil/crayon type liners but every now and then I like to play with liquid/gel because I do LOVE the winged liner look.  I suck at liquid liner...but I keep practicing!  It seems like the general consensus is that gel liner is easier but my previous experiments with it yielded awful results. 

Originally, I was just playing around....but then my ex invited my sweetie and I out to dinner with him and the kids.  Since I'd worked so hard on my makeup, it was nice to actually have someplace to show it off.  At first we were going to try Juicy Burger (which is new to us here in upstate NY and apparently Jeff had heard good things about it) but then we opted for Golden Corral because of the all-you-can-eat ribs they're currently promoting.  Ribs aren't really my thing, but my two middle children--Addy and Bear--are rib fanatics and were very excited to go.  I'd like to say that I behaved myself in the face of an all you can eat buffet--but sadly I can not.  I don't think I ate as much as I usually do but I know I ate so much more than I should have. 

I used my 120 palette for most of this look.  I used the bright teal-ish color (3rd row in from the left in the blue row) and the brightest yellow (fourth row in from the right in the yellow row) and a little black to deepen the outer-v.  I also used my generic highlight color.  The liquid liner was Maybelline lineur intense in carbon black and I used my plain old define-a-line for the waterline and lower lashline.  Mascara was Maybelline Colossal.

Honestly, I just threw on a little of Fyrinnae's Acidic Cherry just to have something on my lips.  It quickly wore off and I went bare-lipped for the rest of the day.  I'm a total slacker when it comes to my lips.

(I only posted this one because I think Mathias looks adorable in all his spaghetti-covered-face glory!)

All in all we had a pretty nice time.

So....where do you like to eat out?  What kind of eyeliner do you like best?


Eden Bue said...

Looks soooo nice with your brown eyes! I love the little touch of yellow.

Stephtee said...

Thanks so much! I had to go back and look at the pics eyes DO look brown. In real life, they are a darker green :)