Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daily Challenges 16/17--father's day reality check

Yeah, yeah, yeah.....I know--I can hardly call these daily since I'm doing them whenever I feel like it ;)

Just challenges perhaps? (I don't know....they haven't been very challenging either LOL)

I'm supposed to talk about a piece of art.(Ok, I'm supposed to talk about a song that makes me cry too but I'm skipping it)

This is my piece of art.  It's one of my favorites.  It was painted by my ex/children's father Jeff.  He's an amateur landscape artist and photographer who really doesn't realize how much potential he actually has.

But he's more than just an ex or my kids' dad, he's one of my nearest and dearest friends.  Even though we're not together anymore, there's hardly anything I wouldn't talk to him about and next to nothing I wouldn't do for him if he asked.

Hell, we even still live together.  Yep--Jeff, Alex, myself and the four kids--all in one house!  Hey, TLC where's MY reality show???  That's gotta be waaaayyyy more interesting than 8 kids running around! 

He's a fantastic dad.  I couldn't think of anyone else I'd want to raise this crazy brood with and he totally deserved a better Father's Day than we gave him.

Hey Jeff, I'm REALLY REALLY SORRY!!! Happy Father's Day to the best dad I know.  Love, Me.

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