Friday, May 28, 2010

Caught Up in Reality

I can't believe that it's been almost a week since I've posted anything!

Reason being that I've been stuck in my real world doing real things (oh no! the horror!)

First off, I finally finished redecorating my daughter's bedroom.  We painted it this insane yellow/green that she picked out called kiwi fruit.  It's more yellow than green but it's almost fluorescent--reminds me of pedestrian crossing signs. 

We also took all the extra unwanted furniture out.  It was several trips but, at last, it's over and done!

It seemed like all week there was some place to go everyday.  Extra chores and errands were the norm this week.

And with what little spare time I had left--I was caught up in a book!

I've been reading Kindred in Death by Nora Roberts/JD Robb.  Even though I'm not a romance novel fan at all, I really enjoy her books--especially the In Death series.  I particularly enjoy serial killer/suspense type novels and these never disappoint me.  I devoured the book in a few days--Eve Dallas kicks ass! :)

I haven't worn ANY make-up for an entire week! *Gasp*  For one thing, I was incredibly busy with all these extra chores and errands and for another it's been H-O-T hot!  We've been having a serious heat wave here in upstate NY.  It's been 90 degrees over higher for days!  That's fairly unseasonable for May and it seemed silly to me to put on a face, if it was just going to melt right off!

But that didn't stop me from buying.....

Yesterday, the postman brought me a package from Fyrinnae--yay!  I purchased:
Fluff finishing powder
Arcane Magic e/s in Glitterboi, Pyromantic Erotica, and Futuristic Glam Rock
Lip Lustres in Deceptive Innocence, Puppy Love, and Visual Kei
They threw in a sample of the Arcane Magic e/s in Sequined Master....which was awesome because if I'd had money to buy one more item, that is the one I would have chosen!

I did do a make-up look today but none of the pictures I took came out remotely post-able.  Maybe next time.

I hope that everyone that's celebrating has a fantastic Memorial Day weekend.  The family and I will be getting our picnic on tomorrow! 

My mood: Accomplished--apparently that's what happens when you actually do stuff :-P
My look:  I rocked some purples today--Fyrinnae's sequined master and Sassy Minerals tattletaleFyrinnae's Deceptive Innocence on my lips.  It wasn't so hot today so I didn't melt :)
My song:  Poker Face--Lady Gaga (the version that was sung on this week's Glee--OMG <3!!!)
My dinner:  Breakfast.  We had pancakes (I didn't want any of those), scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and home fries.  Diet snapple peach iced tea to drink.

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