Friday, August 26, 2011

Review: My Pretty Zombie

I placed an order with My Pretty Zombie when the shop was having a 33% off sale.  I'd heard good things and I wanted to give these beautiful eyeshadows a try...but I haven't really been in the greatest position to be purchasing non-essentials lately.  When I saw the sale, I jumped on the opportunity because...honestly, I only spent slightly over twenty bucks...and twenty bucks, in the grand scheme of things, really wasn't going to make OR break me...right?

Yep....that's how we justify stuff over here at Simply Stephtee ;-)

The Order....

 I ordered the Husbandry Affliction Trio--which included the colors:  Anthrax, Mad Cow, and Hoof and Mouth.  I also ordered:  Bettie, 996 ,TaraYvonne, Bride, and Unicorn Pee.  Everything came packaged nicely with samples of Quinsy and Disquiet as well as a nifty (plastic) severed finger which my children quickly claimed as their own and ran off with.

**Personal Pet Peeve:  I HATE Easter grass.  Even at Easter.   My order was packed with purple Easter grass.  It looked really nice--but it made me grumble. Obviously, not everyone shares my irrational distaste of the stuff so this probably wouldn't bother most people.  And since the owner of this company doesn't know me or my weirdo really wasn't that big of a deal. 

**But I loved:  The jars.  I know it's silly, but I really wanted products in those jars.  I have so many in the normal jars that every indie company uses and I thought these were just cute and interesting.  However, these jars do not have sifters, so be very careful when opening them to avoid unnecessary messes.

The swatches....

 Top Row:  Quinsy, Anthrax, Hoof and Mouth, Mad Cow, Unicorn Pee (on the very end)
Bottom Row:  Disquiet, TaraYvonne, 996, Bettie
My picture doesn't really show off just how pretty these are.  The colors that I picked are gorgeous.  They are super pigmented, full of sparkle and I haven't had any issues blending.  I am extremely happy with my order and I can't wait to actually have money so I can buy more!

Unexpected JoysAnthrax looks purple in the jar, but when I applied it over Pixie Epoxy it turned an amazing sparkly green!  Unicorn Pee is an aptly named product.  It contains so much glitter and sparkle...this has to be what unicorn pee would actually look like!  And it makes a gorgeous sparkly liner when used with UD transformation potion too!

Unexpected Sorrow:  I used Unicorn Pee twice and then I found it open and overturned on my bedroom rug!! Mathias had gotten into my stash and spilled it everywhere! I barely have 1/8th of a teaspoon left.  I'm really sad about this!!

My Pretty Zombie In Action....

 996 on the lid, paired with WnW
 Anthrax on lid, Unicorn Pee in inner corners and highlight (Sugarpill Poison Plum in crease)

Bettie on lid paired with WnW

My Pretty Zombie also makes Zombie themed jewelry and dolls.  Addy has been asking for a doll for her birthday...we'll see :)  The shop can be found Right Here.

**I paid for all these products with my own money and all opinions regarding them are my own and not influenced in anyway**


Robyn said...

Oooh, you made some great looks! Anthrax and TaraYvonne look awesome!

Grace said...

i love the looks, they are gorgeous!!
Grace xx

Stephtee said...

@Robyn I was initially not too sure about TaraYvonne but over a black base it looks phenomenal!

@Grace Ty so much!!

GenkiOriana said...

I'm sorry.. unicorn pee. One of them is called unicorn pee and you used it on your eye. ... teeheeheeheeeee ;)