Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Soft, Mushy, and Ooey-Gooey (for NTMS)

The challenge this week in, the Facebook group, Never Too Much Sparkle was to do either a pro-Valentine's Day look or an anti-Valentine's Day look. 

I chose to do a soft, mushy, oooey-gooey Valentine's day look.  I think that I look terrible in just about every pink, so I decided to do a look based on shades of purples. 

I used the Wet n' Wild Lust Palette.  I think I used just about every color in it.  Then, I lightly sprinkled Broken Glass from Detrivore Cosmetics over the whole thing to give it a little sparkle. (Not that you can see that in the pic...but in real life it looked quite pretty) 

I don't often do soft and delicate makeup.  It's just not me...but I kind of liked this.  And Jeff really liked it.  I was really surprised because he usually prefers when I do bright, bold looks.

 (I haphazardly threw on some Sephora lip gloss in Pin-up Pink that I received as a free sample with one of my recent orders)

Addy was playing with her makeup (basically all the makeup that I either don't want or don't use anymore) the other day and she made a Valentine's Day themed look.  When she heard about the challenge...she wanted me to post it.

Her homage to Silhouette Screams...she spends a lot of time reading blogs with me :-)
So....Valentine's Day....yes or no?


Beth said...

I love that there's actually a FB group called Never Too Much Sparkle!

Stephtee said...

I's cute. Every week they have a's like GBE: makeup edition :-P

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